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NewCorinth is a Runes of Magic guild on the Artemis-US server. Our focus is building a strong guild with good relationships through good recruitment and teamwork. We are currently looking for members of all classes who wish to positively contribute to our guild.

Officer, Senior Members and Councils

The following is a list of requirements for the Officer, Senior Members, Councils:
·       Be Respectful- Not only toward the guild members, but to everyone that you meet in game.
·       Willing to help- Help out around the guild whenever you can.
·       Willing to listen- Help guild members with their problems and listen to new ideas.
·       Communicate-Talk in Guild Chat, and Teamspeak3 with the Council. Communicating the problems and ideas that you’ve heard.

·       Knowledgeable- No one knows everything, but you should still have a good knowledge of raids/instances and the game in general.

·       Committed- Officers and Higher rank should be committed to the well-being and advancement of the Guild.

·       Positive Attitude- Officers and Higher Ranks are expected to have a positive attitude in Guild Chat, Teamspeak and with Guild Members. Doubts and concerns maybe expressed in Officer Chat or through the correct communication channels.

Higher Rank are role models for the new and younger members of the Guild. Higher Ranks should act, as we would like all Guild Members to act. Abuse of the power is not permitted. If you feel an Officer and Higher Rank is abusing their power, please inform a Guild Leader or Co-leader either through the Guild Webpage, TS3 or in game mail. To be promoted to the Rank of Officer you must be nominated by an Officer Senior Member and Council and then Seconded by another Officer or Higher Ranks. This will initiate a vote, with the final decision to be made by the Guild Leader (or the Co-Leader if the GL is not available).

New Recruit,Members ,Warrior,Legend,Legendary,officer,Senior Members Council
·       These are listed in the Guild Info Tab in Game. Every weekend the Guild Leader or designated Council will go through the Guild Roster, upon reviewing the roster three things will happen characters will be promoted if they meet the two week induction period. Characters will be demoted if they have been absent for a month or more, and characters will be removed from the Guild do to inactivity. Now here is an example lets say there is a character that is an level 75 and he has bee playing for 6 or more months and he is a High Rank. Then for no reason that character fails to be active for a month that character is demoted down one level. Upon the second month of inactivity that same character will be demoted a second time. . The Third  month of inactivity that character will be removed fro the Guild ranks. Now that is not to say that there are reasons for inactivity. if you speak with an Council in the Guild or the Guild Leader and ask them not to remove you from the Guild Ranks and that you will be away from the game for awhile we will put a notation in the officer Senior Members or higher ranks notes for your character that way you can stay within the guild and not lose any rank or status and still remain in the Guild. Most Guild Members have more than one character in the Guild and we support and encourage that. But there is no excuse for an inactive toon it takes less than minute too log in to that character for it to show that it was active.

·       It is expected that all members of the Guild treat each other with respect as well as other people they meet in game.
·       We are a mature orientated Guild. That being said there is some bad language and some bad jokes, but there is a thing called overindulgence or excessive swearing. If this happens you will be warned, continued excessive swearing can ultimately lead to disciplinary action. Also bare in mind that our mind members come from different backgrounds and all ages races and sexes.
·       Cooperation is something we pride our selves on. We wish this tradition to continue. It is not expected higher level Characters give up too much time to help out the lower level Characters however, help is always appreciated and reciprocated. Guild Members if you need help with Item trading or other dealings in the Guild, feel free to ask an Officer for assistance.

·       Loot Agree to a Leader. The Leader is the one who organizes the run as it progresses, he or she is not a dictator; remember you are supposed to be cooperating. However, listen to the leader if his requests are reasonable.
·       It is expected that all members of a party involving Guild Members behave in the spirit of the game.
·       Rules must be established before the group gets involved in the coming adventure. Examples of Looting Systems are: Need if you will wear,   Greed for item set skills or for stats, , Loot Council  etc. Please discuss the matter extensively beforehand if there is the intention to use a "non-standard” system.
·       Members are expected not to pick unnecessary fights with people from outside the Guild. However, should the behavior of an external person in a party/ Raid be utterly intolerable ( e.g. ninja –looting, verbal abuse ), all members are encouraged to stick together, and if appropriate to warn the Guild as a whole against these persons.

·       If possible, let all people in a party skill up on resources (multiple players can level from the same woods,ore/herb etc.) and share the actual resources gathered (taking turns).

we encourage all members to donate resources to Guild for us to level the castle

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